26 June 2019, Wednesday

User data

I. Data stored in eduID

The following type of data are stored about a user in the eduID system:

1. Data used for authentication. The authentication always happens in the University eduID system. Please always check that the URL belongs to the University (i.e. begins with https://idp.u-szeged.hu/) before entering your authentication data! Use your own or University devices only when connecting to these services.

-  username

A unique identifier based on the user's real name. It may contain a number if the user has a frequent name.

- password

The password is stored encrypted and never transferred to the service providers.

The password must be kept secret, don't share with others. Never give it via email or by telephone! If you enter your password into a form, always check the URL in the navigation bar of your browser, the form should belong to University of Szeged. If you don't keep these rules, and share your password with others, you are responsible for the damage caused by sharing your password.

2. Identification data transferred from the source IT system during the registration process

EHA code, Corvina code, Mother's maiden name, Place of birth, date of birth

These data are kept only to avoid multiple registration into the University eduID system, they are not transferred to further systems.

3. Attributes

EduPersonPrincipalName (an identifier used only in the eduID system, it has the form unique_number@u-szeged.hu), Surname, Givenname, Display name, Email, Mobile, Preferred language and one or more affiliations with the University (student, faculty, staff, alum, library-walk-in).

Special attributes used only by Office 365:

- Microsoft identifier, it has the form username@o365.u-szeged.hu (IDPEmail),

- a unique identifier generated from EduPersonPrincipalName (ImmutableID).

These attributes may be transferred to the services using eduID authentication. The user has to consent to the transfer.

II: Modifying and refreshing data

Data transferred from the source IT system during the registration process cannot be changed in eduID. Any change should be made in the source IT system, and the modified data may be transferred to eduID. There is a weekly automatic refreshing process too, which does not reauire user interaction.

The eduID password may be changed at the eduID website itself, after successful login.